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Addiction treatment therapy is a critical component of drug rehabilitation. Addiction treatment therapy addresses the causes and reasons behind the disease, including underlying mental illnesses, false beliefs, unhealthy patterns of thinking, and self-destructive behaviors.

Addiction treatment therapy commences once the detox process is complete. During addiction treatment therapy, mental health professionals work with patients on an individual basis and in groups to help them understand the psychological aspects of their dependence. Drug Treatment Centers Pensacola employs a highly trained and specialized staff that is committed to seeing our patients succeed in recovery. We provide a safe and comfortable environment where patients will feel welcomed and cared for. Call us today at (850) 332-0874 and find out more about our treatment programs.

Categories of Therapy

The various therapies used to treat addictions typically fall into four categories:

  • Behavioral-cognitive therapy combines behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy to increase self-awareness and mindfulness by teaching the patient coping skills and ways to replace self-destructive behaviors and thoughts with those that are healthy and productive. It also helps patients learn to recognize and avoid triggers and develop personalized coping skills to deal with cravings.
  • Family therapy helps repair broken family relationships, improve communication, and rebuild trust to promote a healthy and functional family unit.
  • Motivational interviewing guides the patient to identify his or her own personal (intrinsic) reasons for beating an addiction and helps resolve ambivalence toward recovering.
  • Motivational incentives have been shown to help promote recovery by providing external (extrinsic) motivation for remaining sober in the form of tangible rewards for staying sober, meeting personal goals, or attending counseling sessions.

Types of Treatment Therapies in Addiction Recovery

Specific research-based treatments that are used at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Pensacola include:

  • 12-Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, which provide valuable peer support and sponsor support as well as promote the development of healthy relationships with non-users.
  • Smart Recovery is a self-help program that’s often used in the place of a 12-step program. The four-point approach of Smart Recovery involves building and maintaining motivation, managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; living a balanced life, and coping with urges.
  • Group meetings attended by people in all stages of recovery provide essential peer support and allow those in recovery to share helpful resources and benefit from others’ experiences.
  • Individual counseling addresses specific issues and helps the patient learn coping skills, recognize triggers, and change self-destructive ideas and behaviors into productive and healthy thoughts and actions.
  • Art therapy encourages creative expression, which promotes healthy communication and general self-efficacy.
  • Yoga or meditation promotes physical and mental balance, flexibility, and strength to help those in recovery combat stress, cope with triggers, and improve physical and mental self-awareness.
  • Gender-based therapies include women- and men-only groups as well as groups for those with differing sexual orientations to address the various addiction and recovery issues that are often gender-specific.
  • Moral reconation therapy helps to foster moral development in people who are ambivalent toward recovery or resistant to it. This therapy helps replace hedonistic tendencies with a higher level of moral reasoning.

Principles of Effective Treatment

The addiction recovery programs provided at Drug treatment Centers Pensacola are modeled after the research-based tenets that ensure effective treatment. The Principles of Effective Treatment include:

  • Addiction is a highly complex and treatable disease that affects the function of the brain and behavior.
  • No single addiction treatment is appropriate for everyone.
  • Treatment for addiction should be readily available when it’s needed.
  • Treatment should address the individual as a whole, including multiple needs.
  • Staying in treatment for an adequate period of time is essential.
  • Individual and group counseling and behavior therapies are the most commonly used and widely successful treatments for addiction.
  • Medications for underlying physical and mental issues should be administered when needed and should be combined with traditional cognitive and behavioral therapies.
  • Individual treatment plans require ongoing assessments to meet new and changing needs.
  • Treatment programs should include a physical health evaluation to detect conditions like HIV, Hepatitis, and other infectious diseases.

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