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Relapse is a recurrence of the symptoms of a disease. Because addiction is a chronic brain disease, just one episode of using a substance of abuse during recovery can result in the return of the disease, which requires another round of medical detox and treatment to send it back into remission.

Relapse prevention is an essential part of drug and alcohol treatment. A psychotherapeutic program designed to provide the best chances of long-term recovery, relapse prevention is part of the addiction aftercare program that comprises the final step in treatment.

Recovery from a substance addiction is a lifelong pursuit, and relapse prevention increases the chances of success. Without relapse prevention, the possibility of returning to drug use is considerably higher. Drug Treatment Centers Pensacola has the answers you need. Our dedicated and caring staff is ready to help you overcome your addiction and maintain your sobriety. Call us today at (850) 332-0874.


Depending on the substance of abuse, relapse rates range from 50 to 95 percent. A recent study by the Department of Internal Medicine at Mayo Medical School found that 80 percent of those addicted to alcohol relapse in the first year. That number drops to 40 percent in the second year and decreases even further after year five. In contrast, 88 percent of those who receive treatment for meth addiction will experience a setback in the first year, and 95 percent of those who try to beat a meth addiction on their own return to drug use during that time.

However, the fear of a setback shouldn’t be a discouraging factor in getting help. Like any addiction, it often takes a few tries before it sticks.

How Prevention Programs Help

At Pensacola Drug Treatment Centers, our comprehensive treatment program includes an aftercare plan that focuses on prevention strategies to help ensure the best chances of remaining abstinent.

Our relapse prevention aftercare programs are highly individualized, and can include:

• Ongoing therapy to help the patient continue to work on the various underlying issues that contributed to or caused the addiction.
• Assistance with identifying and coping with triggers, imparted through group and individual counseling, workshops, and lectures.
• Individualized strategies to cope with cravings and stress.
• A specific and personalized plan to follow when you feel particularly vulnerable to a setback. The plan includes several people you can call and specific, practical steps you can take.
• Time spent in a sober living facility prior to transitioning into the “real” world.
• Vocational rehab to help land employment, which reduces the chances of relapse.
• Attending support groups, such as AA.

The Main Prevention Strategies

The most common and helpful relapse prevention strategies include:

• Attending 12-step meetings to provide the individual with support during all stages of recovery.
• Attending group, individual, and family therapy sessions to continue to work toward self-awareness, mindfulness, and healthy, productive relationships.
• Meditating, either sitting or through yoga, to reduce stress and promote emotional stability.
• Exercising, which improves physical and mental health, burns off excess energy, and reduces stress.
• Engaging in hobbies to replace self-destructive behaviors and help reduce stress.
• Keeping a journal to mark progress and more clearly evaluate thoughts and actions.

Intervention After Relapse

While a comprehensive relapse prevention aftercare program increases the chance for successful recovery, lapses may still occur. However, using “just once” doesn’t always mean you have returned to addiction, but it often does if intervention isn’t swift.

After a lapse, adjustments in the aftercare program will be made to address changing or emerging needs and issues. Adjustments may include increased participation in a 12-step recovery program, breaking off unhealthy relationships, and attending intensive counseling sessions.

If you or someone you love is struggling to maintain their sobriety, call Drug Treatment Centers Pensacola, FL at (850) 332-0874. We can help you get back on the right path.

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